Jennings County and North Vernon, Indiana

Jennings County is a centralized, attractive, and affordable location to live and work. It is home to the communities of North Vernon, Vernon, Butlerville, Commiskey, Hayden, and Scipio. The county is centrally located within the large urban triangle of Indianapolis, Indiana, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Louisville, Kentucky, and requires only 1.25 hours of drive time to each of their respective international airports and shipping hubs.

Several major industrial employers are supported in Jennings County, including Lowe’s Distribution, Martinrea, and Hilex Poly, a division of Novolex. Other target industries include various small and mid-size advanced manufacturers (tool & die, automotive manufacturing) and construction. Additionally, Jennings is home to the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, a 1,000 acre full-immersion facility for military urban combat training and performing associated research & development activities. MUTC is operated by a joint consortium of the military, local government, and the private sector.

Jennings County is committed to developing young talent, providing a stable, driven workforce, and offering available land for development in a peaceful, rural setting.  We are a prime location for advanced manufacturing and other industry sectors.

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